Archive of Ask-a-Scientist Presentations

Topic & Link Date Presenter & Institution
"The Science of Climate Change" January 26, 2014 Erik Ramberg, Fermilab
"Computing: From Data to Physics" December 1, 2013... Oliver Gutsche, Fermilab
"The Higgs Boson, the Origin of Mass, and the Mystery of Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking" November 3, 2013... Felix Yu, Fermilab
"Neutrinos - The Little Paricles that Could!" April 7, 2013... Luke Corwin
"The Vacuum, the EBHGHK+ Field, & Mr. Higgs' Boson" January 6, 2013... Mike Albrow, Fermilab
"Extreme Accelerators" January 8, 2012... Paul Lebrun, Fermilab
"Energy and the Environment" - try viewing as Slide Show... January 9, 2011 Chuck Brown, Fermilab, also Alderman, Geneva, IL
"Neutrinos" - try viewing as Slide Show December 5, 2010... Dave Schmitz, Fermilab
"Accelerators" May 2, 2010 Mike Syphers, Fermilab
"Magnets" May 1, 2011 Dave Harding, Fermilab
"Accelerators" July 13, 2008 Peter H. Garbincius, Fermilab
"The International Linear Collider (ILC)" March 4, 2007 Peter H. Garbincius, Fermilab
"Anti-Matter" May 21, 2006 Peter H. Garbincius, Fermilab
"Seeing Particles" April 3, 2005 Mike Albrow, Fermilab

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